Our Story

In 2017, all of us were working doing construction for a large Christian ministry building a 15,000 square addition. Due to the extreme climates and energy codes, the only option was to use spray foam for this job. However, the ministry did not have the money to pay for the material and labor costs from any other company. Each owner put in money to buy the equipment and countless hours of training. That’s when Apex Spray Foam was created and we never looked back. We know what it's like to be intimidated about upfront costs, be insecure about what spray foam actually is, and not know the best route to take.
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Who We Are

Leighton and Carson Smith are brother’s who have dreamt of owning a business together since they were young boys. They have worked in the construction industry together for the last 10 years and have since branched out into their own company. Rohan Jacobs is a close friend who has worked along side Carson and Leighton for many years. Dan Oostdyk is Leighton and Carson’s Uncle and he has been working in the construction industry for 15 years.

The team


Leighton Smith

Main point of contact for jobs, works directly with customers to discuss job types, and estimates. Also directly applies the spray foam insulation during projects.

Carson Smith

Maintains and troubleshoots all equipment pre, post and throughout jobs. Carson is essential in keeping the job running smoothly, as spray foam requires an immense amount of knowledge about the equipment and chemicals you are using.

Rohan Jacobs

Directly applies the spray foam insulation. Rohan is extremely attentive to detail and has worked with another company in the spray foaming industry, adding to his background experience.

Dan Oostdyk

Works more behind the scenes for the company, helping manage finances and contacts.

Why You Should Trust Us

High pressure SPF-safety training through The center for the Polyurethanes Industry American Chemistry Council
In person classes through our spray foam chemical distributor (Spray Foam Distributors of New England Inc.)
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